Sklep Spadochronowy


Jeden z najlepszych systemów tandemowych na świecie. W ukompletowaniu spadochronu znajduje się uprzęż pasażera, czasza główna SIGMA oraz czasza zapasova VR360.

Kompletacja: Paczka czaszy głównej, Taśmy nośne, Uchwyty sterownicze, Drogue ze stabilizatorem, Paczka spadochronu zapasowego z taśmą i pilocikiem sprężynowym, System otwarcia spadochronu głównego, System SkyHook, System RSL, Uchwyt wypięcia czaszy głównej, Uchwyt otwarcia spadochronu zapasowego.

SIGMA Tandem System - jest systemem do skoków tadnemowych.
W standardzie zawiera: Adjustable Student Harness, Main Bag, Drogue Chute & Bridle, Main Risers, Main Toggles, Reserve Free Bag & Bridle, Reserve Pilot Chute, Reserve Toggles, Red Reserve “Loop Style” Handle, Carry Handle, Green Breakaway Handle, Magnetic Riser Covers, Retractable Drogue Release Handles, Custom Center Flap & Ring Covers, Cordura Fabric, Adjustable Main LiftWeb, DoubleWide Leg Pads, CypresAAD Setup, Owner’s Manual, Rubber Bands, Waiver, Packing and Training Videos, Sigma Logo Sidewall Embroidery.


  • It takes fewer steps, with fewer potential errors to close the main container.
  • Accidentally snagging the drogue bridle will not open the container.
  • Out-of-sequence deployments are virtually eliminated.
  • Its  center-of-main-container  drogue  connection  gives  a  more  “natural”  and  comfortable  drogue-fall position.
  • The drogue release ripcords are automatically retracted after use, or accidental snagging, so that they are always where they should be, cannot be lost, and don’t have to be stowed after pulling.
  • It has two redundant drogue release ripcords, one on the right and one on the left.
  • The  drogue  release/container  opening  pin  is  “locked”  until  you  throw  the  drogue, minimizing  the possibility ofaccidental high openings.
  • No more time consuming untwisting of drogue kill line during packing. Kill lines can be easily replaced in the field. You still get a more or less normal deployment if the kill line breaks, and you don’t lose your drogue.
  • Main deployment bag design reduces canopy damage.
  • Student harnessthat is safer and more comfortable for students.
  • The Skyhook RSL system.
  • The “Collin’s Lanyard,” and all its advantages.
  • Tuck tab style reserve pin cover
  • Magnetic riser covers.
  • Clear plastic windows make reserve pin checks and AAD operation easier.

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